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TN Visa for Canadians

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Do you have questions about applying for a TN Visa? Are you concerned about rejection, the interview process, or proper preparation?

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The TN visa process is interesting, as some people underestimate the simplicity of securing a TN Visa while others fear the worst and worry excessively about rejection. Regardless of where you fall in that spectrum, you should know that with the right experience, proper preparation, and insight into current TN Visa trends and border issues, successfully obtaining a TN Visa can be a hassle-free and smooth experience.

Our goal at Lightman Law Firm isn’t just to prepare your TN application. It’s also to make the process straightforward and stress-free by giving you complete confidence that every detail has been covered on your behalf.

To that end, we are very service oriented and responsive, and encourage open communication with all of our clients.

TN Visa applications can often be prepared in under a week.

Our Canada TN Visa experience benefits you in several key ways. We:

  • Clarify options and potential scenarios surrounding your case
  • Assist you in collecting the required documentation
  • Correctly classify your application and ensure all requirements are met
  • Prepare all documents, forms, supporting materials, and letters required for approval
  • Provide border recommendations based on your geographic location and your application
  • Communicate with border officers in connection with your application, if necessary
  • Conduct interview preparation
  • Ensure availability during the actual border application process

Your success is our success.

At Lightman Law Firm, that’s not just lip service. You’ll know it from the first communication through the completion of your case.

For more info on the TN visa, please see the below links.

The below list is comprised of pages and posts on our website which are meant to provide more insightful and in-depth information on the TN visa. We encourage you to review these items to better understand what’s involved and how you can obtain a TN visa.

NAFTA TN Visa Case Study

Approved TN Visa Following 2 Denials

An IT consulting company client came to us in an effort to secure a TN Visa for a Canadian Computer Systems Analyst seeking to enter the United States to perform services at a 3rd party client site. The client’s Computer Systems Analyst candidate was denied twice at two different ports of entry before our firm was retained and we successfully helped out the client and candidate with securing a 3-year TN visa.

Despite being a strong candidate for the Computer Systems Analyst profession, the candidate was rejected on 2 separate occasions within a 10-day period because the candidate’s TN application was improperly prepared.

The first time the candidate applied for the TN visa was at Trudeau airport in Montreal prior to attempting to board a flight en route to the United States. After presenting the TN application to the customs officer at the airport, the officer noted that while the candidate met the basic requirements for the TN occupation of a computer systems analyst, it was unclear from the employer letter of support and other documentation provided as to whether the position being offered to the candidate by the company met the TN requirements.

Although the officer felt bad for the candidate since he was now going to miss his flight, there was nothing he could do but deny the application since it clearly didn’t indicate that the position met the qualifications of the Computer Systems Analyst TN category.

At this point, the candidate reassessed the application with the client company’s HR department. They recrafted a few items, including some additional documents, and redrafted the employer’s letter of support. Due to the fact that the company already lost the expense of the first flight, they decided that the candidate should drive to the United States and cross through a Vermont border.

On the second attempt at the Vermont port of entry, the candidate was again denied. The reason for the denial was similar to the reason for the denial in Montreal, namely that the application was insufficient. Furthermore, the customs officer perceived the candidate to be “port shopping” by not returning to Montreal to apply.

Also, the officer mentioned that in such an instance of two denied applications in 10 days and “port shopping” he could put the candidate in expedited removal (5-year ban from the United States). Thankfully the candidate was not given expedited removal and merely left the border with his second denied TN application in 10 days.

At this point, HR and the candidate knew that they had a very sensitive issue on their hands. The company needed this candidate in the United States at the client site in a matter of days. There was no room for error or delays.

HR contacted our firm, provided us with all details, and presented us with the application materials previously used and the denial documentation given by the various customs officer.

We could clearly see the deficiencies in the TN applications presented and knew that the situation was very serious. Usually, when attempting to “rehabilitate” a TN application, it is after one denial, not two. In such a circumstance, the biggest risk is putting the candidate in a situation where he/she could receive expedited removal.

Noting that we were getting involved in a very sensitive situation, we recrafted the entire application and properly drafted the employer letter of support.

We also included a detailed legal brief explaining how the candidate qualified, how the position qualified, and disclosing the two prior denials with a discussion as to why the candidate went to a different port of entry after the first denial. We also researched issues pertaining to border options for the candidate and weighed the options with the various risks involved.

In the end, we decided that one of the biggest issues was to alleviate the idea of “port shopping”. As such, we made the decision to send the candidate back to Trudeau airport in Montreal with a completely revised and accurate application and clear disclosure of the prior denials.

The candidate received some extra questioning from the customs officer, but in the end, he was approved for 3 years in the TN profession of a Computer Systems Analyst.

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