EB-2 Advanced Degree Professionals

Second Preference (EB-2): Advanced Degree Professionals & Exceptional Ability Aliens

This category of obtaining a green card through employment is reserved for the following types of individuals:

Professionals holding advanced university degrees

  • Must have a graduate level degree or a professional degree requiring postgraduate education
  • You can substitute for advanced degree if you have a bachelor’s degree followed by five years of work experience in a professional position

Individuals of exceptional ability in the sciences, arts, or business

  • International acclaim not necessary
  • Must be significantly more accomplished than the average person in your profession

Generally speaking, this category requires both a job offer and a labor certification from the employer. In very narrow circumstances an applicant can obtain a National Interest Waiver and bypass the job offer and labor certification requirement.

The National Interest Waiver, which is difficult to obtain, requires, among other factors, that you show that you will significantly benefit the United States.

Please contact our firm for more information on the National Interest Waiver.