E-1 Visa – Treaty Trader

This visa allows businesspersons who are citizens of countries that have entered into trade treaties with the United States to more easily engage in international trading activities within the United States as long as they plan on either individually engaging in substantial trade with the U.S. or they work for an organization that does substantial trade with the United States.

The E-1 treaty trader must conduct over 50% of its international trade with the United States and, as mentioned above, the trade must be substantial.

Substantial trade is defined as:

  1. A continuous flow of international trade between the United States and the treaty country;
  2. Numerous transactions over time;
  3. The income from international transactions must be sufficient enough to support the treaty trader and his or her family; and
  4. Proof of the trade, which may be all or some of the following: bills of lading, customer receipts, letters of credit, insurance papers documenting commodities imported, purchase orders, trade brochures, courier inventories, and sales contracts.