The H-1B Visa Conversation Continues: Information Needed About The  H-1B Worker’s Job

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Continuing our ongoing discussion about the H-1B Visa application process from filing to completion, today’s post covers the information required about the specific job/position of the sponsored foreign national.

If you haven’t read last week’s H-1B Visa post covering the general information and documents needed from the nonimmigrant worker’s employer, catch up on that post first so you’re up-to-date with the H-1B Visa process and any references in this post.

H-1B Offered Position

Outlined below are examples of the specific information needed in regards to the position offered to the foreign worker as part of the H-1B Visa application process:

  • Title of the position
  • Annual salary offered – The yearly remuneration for the offered position. Note that the salary must be equal or greater to the prevailing wage generally paid for the position.
  • Period of employment – The expected duration period of employment.
  • Worksite Address – This would include anticipated client sites and/or satellite locations.
  • Name and title/occupation of supervisor 
  • Occupations/titles of individuals H-1B employee will supervise
  • Occupations/titles of individuals H-1B employee will work alongside – It’s entirely possible that several H-1B coworkers will work alongside each other and be supervised by an H-1B employee. Thus they’ll fall into both categories.
  • Detailed description of job duties, responsibilities, and anticipated projects – This is the most critical information for the H-1B application approval process. This section should be as comprehensive as possible. Ample details covering all pertinent aspects of job’s duties should be documented (i.e. what employee will design, function of designed system(s), what will employee analyze, research, develop, what tangible benefit will the employee provide to the business, etc.). Again, provide as much detail as possible in this section.
  • Detailed list of tools, technology, programs, applications, software, computer languages and any other relevant items the employee will use in deploying his/her job duties and responsibilities.
  • General overview of the knowledge/education/experience/skills/certifications/licenses required the position – This section should include the H-1B employee’s educational degree (or equivalent work experience), and special training and/or experience relevant to the offered position. Include dates when education/skills/certifications/licenses were undertaken/acquired.
  • General overview of why the employer needs to fill this position – Emphasize how the H-1B Visa worker’s skill set will provide tangible benefit to the employer’s business function. Highlight how the H-1B Visa employee’s education and experience factor into the successful implementation of their particular business function.

While every employer sponsoring an H-1B Visa applicant will list details and job functions specific to their own industry, the above outline provides a sound template for the type of job information needed to complete a successful H-1B Visa application.

Next week, our H-1B Visa conversation continues with an overview of the information/documents needed about the H-1B employee.

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