R-1 Visa - Religious Workers

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R-1 Visa – Religious Workers

If you are a foreign national religious worker and you would like to perform your religious duties here in the United States, you will need an R-1 visa. Read on and contact Lightman Law Firm to learn more about the process.

Successfully Obtain Your R-1 Visa:

Experience and Responsiveness that Makes a Difference.

Our R-1 visa pledge:

  • 100% commitment to processing your R-1 Visa quickly & successfully
  • Strong R-1 Visa legal experience and in-depth knowledge of R-1 Visas and USCIS and Consular procedures
  • Open communication and prompt responses
  • The highest level of service at an affordable FLAT rate fee

No matter where you reside, we can provide you with prompt, affordable service with your R-1 Visa application. Our promise is backed by strong experience and intimate knowledge of the R-1 Visa application process.

R-1 Overview & How We Can Help…

The R-1 visa is available to either ministers or religious workers (R-1 classification) or their spouses or children (R-2 classification).

The R-1 visa applicant needs to be able to demonstrate that they will meet the criteria of being a minister or religious worker and that they are coming to the United States to minister to a congregation or perform religious duties.

Many applicants are unsure if they meet the basic requirement to apply for an R-1 Visa. Along with this concern, the visa application process can be complicated and intimidating for those who have not dealt with it before. Many applicants have concerns about the proper forms and how to fill them out, where to send their information, or what will happen while their application is being processed.

We here at Lightman Law Firm are able to assist you in getting past all of these concerns. We use our experience, immigration knowledge, and knowledge of consular policies to guarantee our clients the best service possible. We will facilitate the process from start to finish for ONE SINGLE FLAT FEE. We can prepare applications very efficiently and we will handle communication with the consulate or embassy in your case.

Our goal at Lightman Law Firm isn’t just to prepare your R-1 application: it’s also to make the process straightforward and stress-free by giving you complete confidence that every detail has been covered on your behalf.

Our R-1 visa experience benefits you in many ways. We:

  • Clarify options and potential scenarios surrounding your case
  • Assist you in collecting the required documentation
  • Correctly classify the application and ensure requirements are met
  • Prepare and submit all forms, supporting materials and documentation
  • Communicate with all relevant parties, including the United States Consulate and/or USCIS, throughout the process
  • Monitor the entire application process
  • At Lightman Law Firm, your success is our success. You’ll know it from the first communication through the completion of your case.

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Contact Lightman Law Firm today to learn more about whether you may qualify for an R-1 visa and how our firm can help you through each step of the process ahead.

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