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Green Card for Parent

Successfully Obtain A Green Card For Your Parent

If you are a U.S. citizen and at least 21 years old, you can petition your biological parent for a green card.

You can also petition your stepparent for a green card. You would still need to be a U.S. citizen and at least 21 years old. Also, your stepparent must have been married to your biological parent before your 18th birthday.

How Can I Obtain a Green Card for My Parent?

There are two ways to apply for a green card for your parent.

One way is through the adjustment of status process if the parent is inside the U.S., entered legally, and the parent is otherwise “admissible”. Some individuals are not “admissible”. For example, those that entered unlawfully are inadmissible as are those who entered the country as a C1/D Crewman. There are other circumstances that may make you inadmissible, such as being convicted of certain crimes or engaging in fraud or misrepresentation.

The second way to apply for a green card is through the immigrant visa process if the parent lives abroad and the parent is not able to enter the U.S. in a status that allows for immigrant intent.

These two processes greatly differ, and it is important that you and your parent fully discuss your case and background with YOUR ATTORNEY. We can assist you in assessing these options and making the right choice for YOU. Lightman Law Firm has extensive experience with both processes and will help you navigate the ideal one for your family.

For more information on how to apply via the adjustment of status route see: Green Card for Parent – Adjustment of Status.

For more information on how to apply via the immigrant visa route see: Green Card for Parent – Immigrant Visa.

How We Can Help!

The parent-child relationship is a complex relationship. The U.S. government acknowledges this and assesses this relationship seriously and thoroughly. Requirements greatly differ depending on the specific familial relationship. For example, a U.S. citizen petitioning for their father and a U.S. citizen petitioning for their mother will entail different legal requirements and documentation.
Lightman Law Firm has extensive experience assisting families obtain green cards in this manner. We:

  • Deliver high-quality legal services at a FLAT rate.
  • Assist your family with collecting all the necessary documentation for the application.
  • Analyze the case, identify any problems and deficiencies, and present solutions.
  • Complete all required forms, compile all the necessary documents, and submit the application directly to USCIS.
  • Serve as your legal representative and communicate with USCIS continually until approval.
  • Communicate with you throughout and provide continual legal guidance as it pertains to the case.
  • Thoroughly prepare you and your parent for an interview if an interview is scheduled.
  • Provide post-approval legal advice.

We will be with you for the entire process. We will ensure legal compliance throughout and serve as a constant resource as you go through this important matter.

Take Advantage of Our Evaluation and Expertise

We’ll assess eligibility. We’ll explain the complete process. We’ll answer your questions. At Lightman Law Firm, transparency is the key to an EFFICIENT and SUCCESSFUL outcome.
Contact Lightman Law Firm now to discuss your particular case!

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