Marriage Green Card Services

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Marriage Green Card Services

Below is a general outline of our firm’s legal services in connection with the marriage green card application process. As you can see, our services are quite comprehensive.

Pre-Attorney-Client Relationship

This is the very initial stage of the green card through marriage process when a potential client is exploring the matter and the possibility of working with our firm.

At this initial stage, we like to have a preliminary conversation with the potential clients to ensure they understand the marriage green card requirements, process, and fees involved. It’s also very important for us to get a solid overview of the case to understand if there are any potential conflicts, “red flags” or other issues that need to be taken into account when representing the clients.

The general steps in this stage are as follows:

  • Initial telephone and/or email correspondence to discuss the details of the case
  • Oral and/or written assessment of the case, steps involved, timeline, fees, and other relevant matters
  • Official quote on the flat legal fee

Attorney-Client Relationship

At this stage of the green card marriage process, we have a solid understanding of your case and how we can help you. Likewise, you as the clients should have an understanding of the green card process, services involved, and fees. It’s at this stage that we officially enter into an “attorney-client relationship”.

  • Review by clients of attorney agreement and an understanding of the services to be provided
  • If necessary, clients revisit prior communications regarding the process and/or have any additional questions/concerns clarified by the attorney
  • Clients sign the attorney-client agreement and provide the first half of the legal fee to initiate services
  • Under the Attorney-Client relationship, the attorney is bound by the rules of professional conduct

Case Analysis & Supporting Material Collection

At this stage of the process, we begin collecting everything necessary for the proper completion of your green card through marriage case.

In furtherance of this, we will provide you with a narrowly tailored memo specific to your case detailing everything that we need to complete the application and supporting forms.

  • Attorney and clients discuss the case in more detail and analyze/confirm the particular details, risks, “red flags”, and other related matters
  • Attorney provides clients with a detailed memo describing all information and supporting documents that are required for the case
  • Attorney provides another overview of the timeframe, steps involved, and items that the clients should be thinking about for the green card interview
  • Attorney explains in detail all items required and provides direction in acquiring them

Review of supporting material

Anything you provide in connection with your green card by marriage case will have to be reviewed to ensure it meets all legal requirements.

  • Clients collect and compile all requested information and support materials and provide them to us by email, fax, mail, and/or personal delivery
  • Attorney thoroughly evaluates all information and supporting materials
  • Attorney advises clients of any missing items or anything that requires clarification
  • Attorney officially confirms that all required information and supporting materials have been provided

Application Preparation

After all required information and documents have been provided, we can prepare and finalize the marriage green card application and all supporting forms.

  • Completion of an Immigrant Petition for Alien Relative
  • Completion of an Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status
  • Completion of separate Biographic Informational forms for each spouse
  • Completion of an Application for Employment Authorization
  • Completion of an Application for Travel Document, if eligible
  • Completion of an Affidavit of Support for petitioner
  • Completion of an Affidavit of Support for a joint sponsor, if required
  • Completion of attorney cover letter/supporting brief explaining the details of the case
  • Completion of any supporting attachments that are required as part of the application

Application Review & Submission

At this stage of the process, the forms in connection with the green card by marriage application have been completed and are ready to be reviewed and signed by the clients. After the clients review and sign the forms we will package the application and submit it to USCIS along with our attorney brief and supporting materials.

We will also discuss all matters related to the case going forward.

  • Attorney provides all forms to clients for review and signature and clients review and sign
  • Attorney countersigns all forms
  • Attorney explains in detail the timeline related to the filing of the application and all future steps and correspondence and what to expect
  • Attorney completes the packaging of the application as per USCIS requirements and reviews everything for accuracy and completeness
  • Application is submitted to USCIS via Federal Express along with the proper application fees
  • Attorney confirms application submission with clients via email

Application Monitoring

After submission of the green card marriage application, it is important to closely monitor the case and any communications from USCIS. During this stage, we will alert the clients immediately in regard to any correspondence received from USCIS and advise as to any required actions that must be taken.

We will also monitor the case to ensure that it is moving along smoothly.

  • Attorney receives and emails USCIS application receipt notices in connection with all parts of the green card application after they are issued by USCIS and advises clients on next steps
  • Attorney receives and emails USCIS biometrics notice to clients and advises them on the requirements and protocol for having biometrics taken
  • Attorney receives and emails USCIS approval notifications related to work authorization and advance parole
  • Attorney generally monitors the process to ensure that it is moving along smoothly
  • Attorney responds to any requests from USCIS and/or contacts USCIS about any issues, if necessary

Green Card Interview

The marriage green card interview is usually the final hurdle in connection with the green card through marriage application. At this stage, we will alert you to the day and time of your interview and provide you with a memo thoroughly instructing you on how and what to prepare for the interview.

We will also conduct an interview prep session to ensure you are thoroughly prepared.

  • Attorney receives and emails clients USCIS interview notice
  • Attorney emails clients a detailed memo providing instructions on how and what to prepare for the green card interview
  • Attorney provides clients with an interview prep session to ensure that clients are thoroughly prepared for the interview and that they know what to expect
  • Attorney attends green card interview with clients, if retained to do so

Post-approval compliance

Great news – the case has been approved at this stage of the process! At this stage, we provide our clients with an overview of their rights and responsibilities as a permanent resident and what they might need to do in the future in regard to their immigration status.

  • Attorney emails clients approval notices and provides them with an overview of the rights and responsibilities of a US permanent resident
  • Attorney informs clients of any future steps and requirements, such as the application to remove conditions, if applicable, and the naturalization process
  • Attorney thoroughly reviews green card for accuracy
  • Attorney answers any questions about being a permanent resident

Misc items

The items included here do not necessarily fall within any particular stage, but rather they are services or tasks that are included in our engagement on the green card through marriage process, if necessary.

  • Communicating with a joint sponsor, if applicable, as to the affidavit of support requirements and legal ramifications
  • Communicating with the applicant’s employer or potential employer as to what the green card through marriage process entails, the timeline, and other related matters
  • Assisting the client with applying for emergency advance parole, if necessary
  • Being available to clients via email and telephone to answer any questions or clarify any items related to the case throughout the entire process
  • Responding to requests from USCIS as they relate to the case

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