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In many countries in the world, Christians face brutal persecution by their governments, because of their religion. We at Lightman Law Firm are committed to helping those who are fleeing religious persecution, who want to live safely in the United States, and practice their faith.

Did you know that there anti-Christian laws on every continent in the world?

Some would argue that Christians are the most persecuted group in the world. And they would have much evidence to back up this assertion.

Virtually every continent has laws against Christians. Examples include severe restrictions on freedom of speech and association; laws against conversion to Christianity and sharing your faith with others (i.e. missionary work); laws against marrying across religious lines; restrictions on building new churches, and state-sponsored destruction of churches.

Christians in a vast array of countries are subject to not only police and state brutality when these “laws” are enforced. They are also subjected to imprisonment, beating, torture, destruction of their homes and places of worship, and mistreatment of their family members.

What is asylum?

Asylum is a form of protection that the government gives to foreign nationals, who fear returning to their country of origin.

You can apply for asylum if you are currently in the United States, and you have already suffered persecution or you have a well-founded fear of future persecution. The laws pertaining to asylum are very complex and you should definitely hire a licensed and experienced immigration lawyer so that you can put the best case forward.

We have a line dedicated to asylum callers: (212) 643-0985.

We speak Russian, Spanish, and French. Call to discuss your claim.

What kind of experience does Lightman Law Firm with Christian asylum?

Guy Menahem, an immigration lawyer at the Lightman Law Firm, has spent his entire legal career in the immigration field. His focus within immigration law is asylum and deportation defense. He has represented Christians from various countries, both people born into Christian families and those who have converted to Christianity.

Mr. Menahem has represented asylum seekers before the Asylum Office, the Immigration Court, and the Board of Immigration Appeals. He is fluent in Spanish, and conversant in Russian and French. He has represented clients with many different types of asylum claims. He has also helped asylum seekers who feared returning to their countries based on political opinion, national origin, FGM, wife kidnapping, LGBT individuals, and other categories.

Lightman Law Firm proudly stands with religious minorities

Lightman Law Firm keeps fully abreast of the religious freedom situation around the world. This is key. You need to work with an attorney who is familiar with what is going on with in the field of religious freedom in general, and also who knows something about conditions in your country.

We had a client come to us recently. She was a Christian. She told us that the first lawyer she went to said to her, “I’ve never even heard of your country.” We are different. We know world geography and we’re here to help you.

We proudly represent Christians from all continents and walks of life, and we understand that often Christians are treated unfairly, even in the United States, because technically, Christianity is the majority religion. And so sometimes people do not take Christian asylum claims seriously.

We take your claim seriously. We know that Christians are mistreated everywhere in the world.

Our asylum attorney has visited Christian sites in numerous countries, on three continents. He has visited the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. He has marched with religious minorities.

Should I just hire someone in my ethnic community or neighborhood to represent me?

Many ethnic enclaves in the NYC / NJ area have local people who help members of their own community with immigration needs. Some are lawyers. Many are not. Often clients seek out someone who can speak their language.

If they are not a licensed attorney – beware.

In various communities, these non-lawyers have different names. The key is that they are not licensed. This means that they are not subject to oversight by any regulatory authority. There are countless stories of innocent immigrants handing over their hard-earned money to “notarios,” only to come back for their next “appointment” and find the door locked and the establishment has been closed.

Be safe, and hire a lawyer who is licensed. Now is not the time to take chances with your life by working with people who do not have thes nuanced understanding of the law, the way a lawyer would have. Please also know that those individuals who engage in unlicensed “services” are actually breaking the law. It’s called “unlicensed practice of law,” and it’s a crime. Don’t be a victim. Call a licensed lawyer.

What if my English is not very strong?

Our main asylum attorney, Guy Menahem, speaks Spanish fluently. He is also conversant in Russian and French. We also have easy access to interpreters for many other languages.

When should I reach out to an immigration lawyer?

Immediately. There is a rule that you must file for asylum within one year of entry into the United States. We’ve written about this issue, here.

There are exceptions to the one-year filing deadline, but they are quite narrow. Call us immediately.

We have a line dedicated to asylum callers: (212) 643-0985