J-1 Visa – Did You Know?

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J-1 Visa – Did You Know?

Some interesting J-1 Visa facts that may help you:

Change of J-1 status to H-1B status

It is possible to change your status from J-1 status to the H-1B visa status as long as you are not subject to the 2-year home residency requirement. This can only be done if you are maintaining J-1 status and there are H-1B visa numbers available. For more info on the H-1B visa status, please see the following link: H-1B Visa Lawyer. You can track the H-1B visa numbers at the following link: H-1B Visa Cap.

Quotas or Caps

Unlike the E-3 visa or H1B visa, there is no annual quota or cap for the J-1 visa. Nor is there any particular start date or filing date that you must abide by, as there is with the H-1B visa.

Video Conference Requirement

A thorough screening must be conducted for the trainee and intern programs, requiring that sponsors or third parties acting on their behalf interview the potential trainee/intern in person, by videoconference, or by web camera.

Health Insurance

Minimum levels of health insurance covering specific items must be maintained for the intern or trainee. If the employer does not qualify, then a supplemental plan can be purchased at a relatively inexpensive monthly fee.

J-1 to Green Card Through Marriage

Although the J-1 does not allow for “immigrant intent”, technically an individual who is not subject to the 2-year home residency requirement would be eligible to apply for a green card through marriage to a United States citizen. However, due to the fact that it doesn’t allow “immigrant intent,” it is important to carefully navigate this process.

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