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The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Visa (also known as the TN visa) is a visa category for citizens of Mexico and Canada seeking to work in a professional capacity for an employer in the United States. NAFTA created economic and business relationships advantageous for the U.S., Mexico, and Canada, and occasionally allows for foreign professionals to qualify for a temporary employment position in the U.S.

TN Computer Systems Analyst

The TN Computer Systems Analyst position utilizes Information Technology tools, knowledge, and expertise to aid a company or firm in attaining its organizational objectives.

As an experienced I.T. professional, the Computer System Analyst will analyze and evaluate all data and information relevant to the company’s primary functions and seek to augment, upgrade, or improve the computer systems that process and handle that data.

Relevant data can originate from many different departments within the organization, such as engineering, finance, accounting, or human resources, for example. Additionally, Computer System Analysts may also supervise and/or mentor company Computer Programmers.

TN Computer Systems Analyst Visa Educational Requirements

To qualify for a TN visa as a Computer Systems Analyst, the foreign applicant must satisfy one or more of the following requirements:

  • Licenciatura or Baccalaureate degree – This must come from an accredited post-secondary institution of higher learning.  If it was obtained from outside of the U.S., Canada, or Mexico, an evaluation will likely be needed
  • Post-secondary diploma or post-secondary certificate, and three years of experience – This is in lieu of a licentiatura or baccalaureate degree.
    • Post Secondary diploma – A credential issued by any accredited post-secondary institution of higher learning, such as a college, university or institute.
    • Government-issued post-secondary certificate – A credential issued by a federal or state-affiliated academic institution originating from Mexico or Canada.
    • Experience – A minimum of three-years related experience.

TN Computer Systems Analyst Application Process

A Canadian or Mexican professional can apply for the TN Computer Systems Analyst provided the following conditions/requirements are met:

  1. Proof of citizenship in the respective foreign country.
  2. A letter from the prospective U.S employer detailing the need to fill the position, and endorsing the foreign applicant for said position.
  3. Documentation declaring their intention to accept the position as only a temporary employee, with clear plans to return to their home country once the TN employment has ended.

When the foreign professional is ready and prepared to present all of the above documentation, he/she may then submit an application at the closest U.S. Port of Entry for evaluation if he/she is Canadian. If the individual is Mexican, they can apply at a US Consulate.  Both Canadian and Mexican citizens can also apply via a mail application through the USCIS.

Additional Information

For those who qualify, TN professional status is granted for a three-year maximum. Extensions may be granted, as long as the foreign professional continues to meet the necessary TN requirements. If the TN Computer Systems Analyst has a spouse and/or unmarried, minor children, they may accompany the foreign professional under a special derivative visa status. However, their spouse and/or children are ineligible for employment during their time in the United States.

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