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Under the terms of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), foreign professionals from Canada and Mexico may apply for a special TN visa that allows them to gain entry into the United States to work for a U.S. employer. As NAFTA has resulted in many business and trade arrangements between the U.S. and neighboring Canada and Mexico, employment opportunities have become available for foreign professionals under certain job categories.

TN – Economist

A TN economist uses tools, education, and data to perform detailed analyses on a society’s allocation, distribution, and utilization of its developmental resources. These resources may include labor, manufacturing materials, land, machinery, and equipment, all of which are used to create a society’s goods and services.

Additionally, the economist studies, predicts, and reports on economic concepts such as unemployment, inflation, interest rates, taxes, and fuel costs. Documentation based on this data is then compiled and organized into briefs, reports and tables, and subsequently used to provide information, feedback, and solutions to national economic problems and concerns.

The TN economist role can be used for a variety of positions related to economics and finance. While the job title is important, ultimately it is the job duties that determine whether or not the position resembles the duties of an economist.

TN Economist Visa Educational Requirements

The foreign professional attempting to qualify for a TN visa as an Economist must hold at the very least a Baccalaureate or Licenciatura degree from an accredited post-secondary institution of higher learning.

TN Economist Application Process

If the TN visa applicant possesses the necessary educational credentials, they may then formally apply for the Economist position, which entails satisfying the following criteria:

  1. Documentation proving citizenship in either Canada or Mexico.
  2. Written correspondence from the prospective U.S. employer that outlines a business need for the Economist position, along with an endorsement of the foreign applicant requesting the position.
  3. Proof that the intention is to accept the position on a temporary basis, with the understanding that the foreign employee is to return to their native country upon completion/termination of the employment arrangement.

When the foreign professional is ready and prepared to present all of the above documentation, he/she may then submit an application at the closest U.S. Port of Entry for evaluation if he/she is Canadian. If the individual is Mexican, they can apply at a US Consulate. Both Canadian and Mexican citizens can also apply via a mail application through the USCIS.

Additional Information

Once granted, a TN visa is valid for up to three years. However, the foreign applicant may request extensions, provided that they continue to adhere to the TN visa requirements. For spouses and unmarried, minor dependents wishing to accompany the foreign worker to the U.S., a special derivative visa status can be granted.

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