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The H-1B Visa Conversation Continues: Information Needed About The  H-1B Worker’s Job

Continuing our ongoing discussion about the H-1B Visa application process from filing to completion, today’s post covers the information required about the specific job/position of the sponsored foreign national. If you haven’t read last week’s H-1B Visa post covering the general information and documents needed from the nonimmigrant worker’s employer, catch up on that post […]
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The H-1B1 Visa:  What You Need To Know

Things You Should Know About the H-1B1 Visa The H-1B1 visa is a nonimmigrant visa available to citizens of Chile and Singapore. Under the US-Chile and US-Singapore Free Trade Agreements, US employers may employ individuals in specialty occupations, for a specified period of time. The number of H-1B1 visas cannot exceed 1,400 for Chile, or […]
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The H-1B Conversation Continues: Documents and Information Needed from the Applicant’s U.S. Employer

To continue our ongoing discussion of the H-1B Visa and the entire application process from filing to completion, today’s post addresses the specific information and documentation needed from the petitioner – the U.S. company. Required Documentation for the H-1B Visa Application H-1B Visa requirements stipulate that the U.S. employer, and not the foreign employee, is […]
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