Do Graphic Designers Qualify for TN Visas?

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Mexican and Canadian graphic designers may qualify for a TN visa if they satisfy certain requirements. For more information, please read on, then contact an immigration lawyer skilled in TN visas.

What are the requirements for a TN Visa for Graphic Designers?

To qualify for TN visa status under the occupational category for Graphic Designers, an individual must possess one of the following:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Licenciatura Degree
  • Post-Secondary Diploma and three years of experience
  • Post-Secondary Certificate and three years of experience

Generally, the regulations governing TN visa status do not provide any guidance on the type of degrees or majors suitable for a particular TN occupational category. This holds true for graphic designers as well.

What duties can TN Visa: Graphic Designer holders perform?

Becoming a graphic designer is a fantastic way to express yourself and even have a positive impact on the world. As a graphic designer, your job is to create stunning visuals that enhance products, brochures, magazines, websites, and more. Just some of the things a graphic designer does include creating layouts, presenting concepts of designs to clients or art directors, meeting with clients to determine the range and goals for a project’s visuals, and creating visual elements such as logos. Often, graphic designers use digital software to create their work, but graphic designers can also use traditional art mediums as well.

Where might graphic designers with TN visas work?

As a diverse, creative field that uses visuals to communicate ideas and solve problems, graphic designers may find themselves working in any number of different environments. Nonetheless, most graphic designers fall into one or more of eight overlapping categories. These categories include:

  • Web design
  • UI and interactive design
  • Advertising and marketing design
  • Motion graphics and animation
  • Packaging design
  • Game design
  • Illustration
  • Publication and typographic design

Of course, applicants need not limit themselves to these fields, so speak with an immigration lawyer well-versed in work visas to learn your full range of options.