Are TN Visas Available for Mathematicians and Statisticians?

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Whether working for the federal government, a college, a university or in private industry, mathematicians and statisticians perform important functions in our society. The United States’ technological and economic prowess is due in no small measure to these individuals. It is in light of this fact that you have decided to bring your services here. Any Canadian or Mexican mathematicians, statisticians and actuaries may apply for a TN visa, but not all will qualify. For more information on whether or not you qualify, please read on, then contact an experienced TN visa lawyer from Lightman Law Firm, LLC.

What do mathematicians and statisticians need to qualify for TN visas?

Though in most cases, TN visas do not necessitate a particular educational or experiential level, most successful mathematicians have at least one of the following:

  • Bachelor’s (Baccalaureate) degree, or
  • Masters (Licenciatura) degree

What type of work do TN visas permit mathematicians and statisticians to perform?

Once a Canadian or Mexican foreign national obtains their TN visa, they should be allowed to perform all functions and services that any other mathematician born here in the United States may perform. Just some of the most common services performed by mathematicians here in the United States include designing or conducting surveys, applying mathematical theories to solve economical issues or issues on smaller scales, such as issues for a small business. Mathematicians often also enter the field of accounting. In today’s day and age, many mathematicians are adept at the usage of statistical software to help them interpret data as well.

Where might TN visa: Mathematician and Statistician holders work?

Mathematicians can enrich any business or field that involves data analysis, which can range from healthcare to higher education, research and development, and even the government. If you have any further questions about gaining employment here in the United States as a mathematician via a TN visa, please don’t hesitate to speak with the Lightman Law Firm today.

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