Can You Make Changes to the DS-160 After Submitting It?

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When applying for a nonimmigrant visa stamp – such as a work visa, student visa, visitor visa, et cetera – at a consulate, one has to submit a DS-160 application before securing an interview appointment. Quite often, one needs to make changes to one’s DS-160 application prior to the interview. If you would like more information on how you can make changes to your DS-160 application, please continue reading, then contact Lightman Law for our full range of U.S. immigration legal services today.

How do you update the DS-160 application after submitting it?

Unfortunately, applicants do not have the ability to re-open DS-160 applications once they have already submitted them. However, if the applicant has undergone a material change that requires them to update their application, they have two efficient ways to reuse the information from a previously submitted application to create and submit a new/updated DS-160 application.

What is the first option for making changes to a DS-160 application after submitting it?

The applicant may log into the CEAC system and select “Retrieve an Application” using the previous application ID number. Next, the CEAC system will ask the applicant whether they want to go to the confirmation page or create a new application. In this instance, the applicant should select “Create a New Application,” and much of the form will auto-populate. Then, the applicant will need to edit and update the information. Once they have ensured the accuracy of the updated application, the applicant may submit it, generating a new confirmation page.

What is the second option for updating a DS-160 application?

The applicant can access and amend the previous application at any time if they saved the DAT file from the original application to a hard drive or disk. Next, the applicant can select “Upload a Previously Saved Application” on the Getting Started page. Once the applicant has made the necessary changes, they need to save and submit the new application, which, like in the other method, will generate a new confirmation page.

Please bear in mind that permanently saving your application to a hard drive or disk will allow you to access your application after thirty days.

Does uploading an updated form complicate the process?

Because each submission creates a different barcode and a consular officer uses the application ID/barcode to retrieve the application, the applicant must present the confirmation pages from the new and original DS-160 applications if they used the original application to book the visa appointment and/or pay the MRV fee. In the event the officer can’t retrieve/access the new application, the applicant may find it helpful to print out and carry all pages of the new DS-160 form to their appointment.

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