Can I Get a TN Visa as an Industrial Designer?

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Becoming an industrial designer is generally a well-paying, steady, and important job here in the United States. That said, if you are a Mexican or Canadian foreign national who is looking to work as an industrial designer in the United States, you will likely first have to obtain a TN visa to do so. Please continue reading and reach out to a knowledgeable employment immigration lawyer from the Lightman Law Firm to learn more about these visas, whether you may qualify for one, and how our team can help you through the process. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What do I need to get a TN visa as an industrial designer?

If you’re looking to get a TN visa, you will have to possess at least one of the following degrees:

  • Baccalaureate Degree
  • Licenciatura Degree
  • PostSecondary Diploma
  • PostSecondary Certificate and three years of experience in the field

What does an industrial designer do?

Industrial designers serve a wide range of functions and can work in various fields. In most cases, industrial designers are in offices, an industrial designer may also work in testing facilities, users’ homes, design centers, or even places where certain goods are manufactured.

Essentially, the job of an industrial designer is to combine a broad range of skills to help develop manufactured products. Generally, industrial designers are required to have knowledge in the fields of business, art, and engineering, but specific required qualifications will depend on the specific job in question.

Do I need a lawyer?

Though applying for and obtaining a TN visa may seem like a straightforward task, this isn’t always the case. Though there’s no need to panic, without a lawyer, you may run into certain complications. The Lightman Law Firm is here to efficiently prepare your TN application, communicate with appropriate parties, such as border officers, prepare you for your interview, and overall guide you through each step of the TN visa process.

If you have any further questions regarding obtaining a TN visa here in the United States or you’d like to speak with our firm regarding any other immigration-related matter, please don’t hesitate to contact us online or give us a call today. We are here to help you in any way we can.