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Facing deportation is both frightening and overwhelming, and if you or a loved one are currently at risk of being deported from the United States, you should strongly consider speaking with a competent Fairfax deportation defense lawyer as soon as you can. Our job is to defend your rights and do everything in our power to help ensure you are able to stay in the United States. Contact Lightman Law Firm today.

Fairfax Deportation Defense Lawyer | Protecting You From Deportation

The thought of deportation or detention is terrifying. Nobody ever wants to imagine the day when they and their families may be pulled from the United States. Unfortunately, this does happen, and if you’re currently worried about the future of you or others in your family here in the United States, you should reach out to our Fairfax immigration lawyers at once. We are prepared to analyze each facet of your situation and determine the best path going forward.

Common Reasons for Deportation from the United States

Typically, people are removed or deported from the United States either because they committed a crime or violated certain immigration laws. Though not every crime warrants a person’s deportation, certain crimes of moral turpitude, such as rape, assault, murder, or certain more severe drug crimes can absolutely warrant the removal of a person from the United States. Many people also face deportation who have expired visas, are accused of marriage fraud, and who have otherwise violated our immigration laws. Fortunately, and, of course, depending on the way in which you or your loved one allegedly violated the law, there may be a remedy to the issue that will result in you being allowed to stay in the U.S.

How Lightman Law Firm Can Help

Lightman Law Firm is dedicated to helping all those who’ve come to this country in search of a better life. We understand that when our clients are at risk of deportation, they have a lot on the line, and we are here to do everything in our power to help ensure you and your loved ones can resume your lives right here in the United States, even in the face of deportation. Some of the ways Lightman Law Firm can assist you and your family are as follows:

  • We will offer you personalized legal advice to best accommodate our situation.
  • We can help you find your loved ones if they are held in immigration detention.
  • We can determine whether you or a loved one are eligible for bail/conditional release from immigration detention.
  • In many cases, certain waivers may apply, which can help ensure you or your loved one stays in the United States. We can examine your situation and determine whether this is the case for you.
  • We may submit an application for Cancellation of Removal, if applicable to your situation.

Cancellation of Removal Applications

If you or a loved one is facing deportation or removal from the United States, depending on the circumstances, we may be able to file a Cancellation of Removal for Non-Legal permanent residents. If we can prove that a foreign national (whether you or your loved one) has lived in the United States for 10 years or more, has never been convicted of a crime and has good moral character, and that an immediate family member would suffer exceptional or unusual hardship if you were deported, you may be granted a Cancellation of Removal. These are just some of the ways in which we can help you or your loved one avoid deportation, and if you believe you qualify, our Fairfax deportation defense lawyer is here to help.

Contact a Fairfax Deportation Defense Lawyer

No one should ever have to face deportation on their own. Our firm has fought for countless individuals in your situation for years, and we are prepared to fight for you as well. Contact Lightman Law Firm today to learn more about how our deportation defense strategies can assist you.

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