I Am a Forester – Do I Qualify for a TN Visa?

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In quite simple terms, forest and conservation workers, including foresters, measure and improve the quality of forests. In light of our rapidly changing ecology, the United States is in desperate need of such hardy individuals. If you are a Mexican or Canadian forester who would like to work in the United States, you may obtain a TN Visa. For more information, please read on, then contact an immigration lawyer experienced in TN Visas. Some questions you may have include:

How does a Mexican or Canadian forester qualify for a TN visa?

In order to qualify for TN visa status under the occupational category for Foresters, you must possess one of the following:

  • Bachelor’s (Baccalaureate) degree
  • Licenciatura Degree, or
  • State or provincial license

What kind of degree does a forester need for a TN visa?

As is the case with practically every other type of TN visa, United States immigration authorities do not specify which degree(s) a forester must possess to qualify. However, many foresters have obtained degrees or certificates in courses such as:

  • Forestry
  • Forest management technology
  • Wildlife management
  • Conservation
  • Timber harvesting

What are TN Status Foresters authorized to do?

Generally speaking, foresters develop, maintain and protect forests. Even though United States immigration authorities set no strict standards, foresters often do the following, among other things:

  • Monitor human activity in forest areas
  • Plant new trees and other vegetation
  • Maintain various foresting equipment
  • Work on forest fire prevention
  • Help extinguish fires when necessary
  • Spray herbicides/pesticides when necessary
  • Count and measure trees

Where can TN status foresters work?

Once again, United States immigration authorities do not dictate where a TN visa holder may ply their trade. However, given the geography of the United States, most foresters work in the West and the Southeast. They may work for governments on a local, state or federal level as well as private timber companies and other companies that grow and harvest trees for their wood. Some foresters are self-employed. Where a forester works depends on the function that he or she wants to serve.

If you have any questions not covered in this blog, please do not hesitate to reach out to Lightman Law Firm, LLC and speak with an immigration lawyer skilled in work visas today.