Applying For Asylum in the United States | What You Should Know

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People all over the world look to the United States for economic improvement, educational opportunities and, perhaps most importantly, asylum. There are many reasons why someone might seek asylum in the United States, but even in especially auspicious times, many asylum seekers are turned away. If you or a loved one are seeking asylum in the United States, please read on, then contact one of our experienced asylum lawyers for asylum seekers to learn what you should know about applying for asylum.

How can you get asylum in the United States?

Asylum is for people who are in the United States because they are afraid of persecution in their countries of origin. This fear may be because they have already experienced persecution or because they have what the U.S. government calls a “well-founded fear” of persecution if they are forced to return. That real or suspected harm has to be because of one or more of the following:

  • The race of the asylum seeker
  • The religion of the asylum seeker
  • The nationality of the asylum seeker
  • The political opinion of the asylum seeker
  • Or the social group of which the asylum seeker is a member

What happens in the asylum process in the United States?

Those who have never been the subject of removal proceedings or a detainee of immigration officials will be applying for asylum “affirmatively” before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. In other words, the asylum seeker is the one initiating proceedings. The subsequent steps of the affirmative asylum process are as follows:

  • The asylum seeker submits to fingerprinting and background/security checks
  • The asylum seeker receives an interview notice
  • The Interview is conducted
  • The Asylum Officer makes a determination on eligibility and a supervisory asylum officer reviews the decision
  • The decision is made

Before you make your first move, you should reach out to the U.S. immigration legal services available through our firm.

How can an immigration lawyer help you?

U.S. immigration law is complex and cumbersome, even for those who immerse themselves in it on a regular basis. Nonetheless, a knowledgeable lawyer from our firm will make sure that you are aware of your legal rights as well as any resources available to you. He or she can provide you with guidance so that you can fulfill your legal responsibilities. Having a qualified legal representative could make all the difference in whether or not you are granted asylum. This process is too daunting to face on your own, so please give us a call today.

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