What You Should Know About Obtaining an O Visa

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Many globetrotting models, actors, athletes, musicians and other talented individuals may find themselves relocating to the United States. O Visas are granted to those who have demonstrated “extraordinary ability” in their chosen field, giving them the ability to obtain employment. Depending on the applicant’s specific extraordinary ability, one of several different types of O Visas is available. If you need assistance applying for an O-1 Visa for extraordinary ability, please read on, then contact a skilled employment immigration attorney to learn what you should know about obtaining an O Visa in the United State.

How do you qualify for an O Visa?

In the United States, two major categories of O Visas exist: O-1 Visas, which are reserved for athletics, business, education and science; and O-1B Visas, which are reserved for the arts. To qualify for either, applicants will need to meet at least three of the following requirements:

O-1 Visa:

  • Won an award for excellence
  • Received a high salary for your field
  • Served as a member of an Association that requires an outstanding achievement
  • Will serve a critical role in a distinguished organization
  • Had articles written about you in a major media publication
  • Wrote a scholarly article
  • Acted as a judge of others in the field
  • Made an original contribution of significance to the field

O-1B Visa:

  • Received a high salary for your field
  • Served a lead role in a distinguished event
  • Received recognition from experts in the field
  • Had articles written about you in major media publications
  • Have a record of major critical or commercial success
  • Have a critical role in a distinguished organization

How can an immigration lawyer help you?

Proving your extraordinary ability to the appropriate authorities will not be easy. A qualified legal professional will help collect and present the following sources of evidence:

  • Album or art sales
  • Potential, current or past concert schedules or tours
  • Awards you have won
  • Itineraries such as tour dates, gallery openings, production calendars, game schedules or research calendars
  • A contract between the petitioner and beneficiary
  • A written opinion from an organization in the United States that details your ability

Even with all this documentation, the process will be lengthy and involved. Let our firm handle the legal work while you focus on your craft. Give us a call today.

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