What Should You Know About An H-1B1 Visa?

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If you are a Chilean or Singaporean national who has been offered a specialized occupation in the United States, please read on, then contact a skilled work visas lawyer to learn what you should know about an H-1B1 visa.

What is an H-1B1 visa?

The H-1B1 visa is a nonimmigrant visa available to citizens of Chile and Singapore. Under the U.S.-Chile and U.S.-Singapore Free Trade Agreements, employers in the United States may employ individuals in specialty occupations, for a specified period of time. The number of H-1B1 visas can’t exceed 1,400 for Chile, or 5,400 for Singapore in any given year, but this limit is set aside from the overall H-1B cap. The yearly cap of H-1B1 visas, as of the posting of this blog post, has never been filled.

Who is an H-1B1 visa for?

Similar to the H-1B visa, the H-1B1 is available to professionals within specific “specialty occupations.” Requiring theoretical and practical applications of specialized knowledge, H-1B1 visas are available to those in occupations in the following fields, among others:

  • Engineering

  • Mathematics

  • Physical and social sciences

  • Medicine

  • Education

  • Business specialties

  • Accounting

  • Law

  • Theology

  • Arts

  • Marketing

  • Media

  • Finance

  • Technology

How can a U.S. immigration lawyer help you?

A competent immigrant lawyer will help you prep for the application process, starting with providing proof that you qualify for the “specialty occupation” by presenting your degrees, diplomas, transcripts, work experience letters and/or evaluations. He or she will also help you explain how the degree requirement is connected to the position and how the duties are specialized and complex. Together with your lawyer, you will prove that you have been offered a job and that your stay is temporary. A skilled legal representative will know the ins and outs of this process as well as what constitutes the strongest evidence to United States immigration officials, so let our firm handle the legal work. For more information on the work visa process and the U.S. immigration legal services available through our firm, contact Lightman Law Firm.

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