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For those who do not know, a green card, officially known as a permanent resident card, is an identity document that shows that a person has permanent residency in the United States. Green card holders are formally known as lawful permanent residents. These important documents are available to applicants for a wide variety of reasons, including several related to employment. If you would like to learn more about the types of green cards available through employment, please read on, then contact an attorney skilled in employment immigration.

What are different types of employment green cards?

There are several types of employment green cards available to applicants, each serving a different purpose. They are as follows:

EB-1 (priority workers) for:

  • Those with extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics
  • Outstanding professors and researchers, or
  • Certain multinational managers and executives

EB-2 for those who:

  • Are members of the professions holding advanced degrees, or
  • Have exceptional ability

EB-3 for:

  • Skilled workers
  • Professionals, or
  • Other workers

EB-4 for special immigrants, such as:

  • Religious workers
  • Former employees of the United States government
  • Employees of international organizations

EB-5 for wealthy individuals who will:

  • Invest a substantial amount of capital in a United State business, and
  • Take an active role in that business

How do applicants obtain green cards?

While it can be time-consuming, the path to obtaining an employment-based green card is fairly straightforward. Each type has its own requirements, but all applicants will need to:

  • Have a job offer from a United States employer
  • Have that potential U.S. employer sponsor them for a green card

Keep in mind that only a limited number of green cards are available each year and that each category has its own specific requirements. As such, you would be well advised to reach out to our firm to help you navigate this process and improve your chances of a favorable outcome.

How can Lightman Law help you?

Our legal team has decades of experience dealing solely with immigration law, giving us a deep understanding of the process one must go through to achieve one’s goals of living, working and pursuing happiness in the United States. Aside from making sure your application meets the specific requirements as prescribed by law, we will do everything in our power to ensure that you and your application receive due consideration. This process can take months or even years, so please give us a call today.

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