Green Card Marriage Documents

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Documents Required For Green Card Through Marriage

The documents necessary in connection with the preparation and submission of a green card through marriage application depend on the unique details of the particular case. Despite the fact that each marriage green card case is different, the following is a general list of documents that are needed for the preparation and submission of almost every application:

  • marriage certificate
  • birth certificates for both spouses
  • passports
  • naturalization or citizenship certificate, if applicable
  • I-94 or evidence of last entry to the U.S.
  • U.S. nonimmigrant visa stamps from passport
  • any immigration related approval notices
  • any forms related to a prior student or exchange visitor status, such as a DS-2019 or I-20
  • divorce or death certificates related to prior marriages for both spouses
  • certified dispositions and related documentation in connection with any criminal charges, arrests, or encounters with the police for the foreign spouse
  • tax returns and W-2s, 1099s, and other related income documentation for the U.S. spouse
  • name change documentation, if applicable

Please note that the above is only a general list of documents that may be necessary for your green card through marriage application, as each case is unique and may require different documentation. It is important for you to discuss what’s necessary for your case with an experienced green card lawyer.