Do I Qualify for the TN Visa: Management Consultant?

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Many observers have considered Management Consultant the most heavily scrutinized TN category. In fact, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services has noted a “high rate of denials.” However, these apparent difficulties should not dissuade you from obtaining a TN visa for Management Consultant, especially if you educate and prepare yourself for the process in advance. For more information on whether you may qualify for a Management Consultant TN visa, please continue reading, then contact an immigration lawyer experienced in TN visas today.

What are the requirements for a TN visa: Management Consultant?

An individual must possess one of the following in order to qualify for TN visa status under the occupational category for Management Consultant:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • Master’s degree or equivalent
  • Five years of experience as a management consultant, or
  • Five years of experience in a field of specialty related to consulting agreement

What are the job duties requirements for a TN visa: Management Consultant?

The TN visa regulations do not specifically define the types of job duties a Management Consultant must perform in order to qualify. However, an applicant will usually benefit from providing evidence of their ability to perform the following duties:

  • Providing services that improve managerial, operating and economic performance
  • Analyzing and resolving strategic and operating problems
  • Improving an entity’s goals, objectives, policies, strategies, administration, organization and operation, and/or
  • Working as an independent contractor or an employee of a consulting firm

What duties and responsibilities are not suitable for Management Consultant TN visas?

Conversely, there are duties and responsibilities that Management Consultants should not serve, including:

  • Performing hands-on technical duties: Instead, a Management Consultant should be reviewing, advising, analyzing and making suggestions in order to improve a company’s efficiency.
  • Conducting training: Some officials may feel that this function is not appropriate for a Management Consultant to perform.
  • Overseeing: A Management Consultant should not be managing a department or function.
  • Talking directly to clients or customers: Unless the prospective Management Consultant is working as a consultant for a consulting firm and they are conversing with the clients of the consulting firm employer, they should not interact with clients or customers.
  • Limit their technology role: Generally, prospective Management Consultants should restrict themselves to recommending strategies to businesses to implement in order to optimize efficiency and productivity.

Who may an applicant work for if they obtain a TN Visa?

A TN visa holder may work for either a sponsoring organization that engages a management consultant to provide their expertise directly, or, in the event that the sponsoring organization focuses on consulting, to the client of the sponsoring organization.

Keep an eye out for future blogs or speak with an immigration lawyer skilled in work visas for more information about those eligible for TN visas.

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