Can I Obtain a TN Visa for a Teacher Position?

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The United States-Canada Free-Trade Agreement (FTA) first listed the TN visa occupational category for College/University Teachers back in 1989. As the predecessor to The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the FTA provided work authorization under TN visa status, which only Canadian citizens had access to. In 1994, NAFTA expanded the TN visa to Mexican citizens as well. Lastly, the United States-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement, which replaced NAFTA, did not substantially change the terms by which one may obtain a TN visa for College/University Teachers. If you would like to obtain a TN visa: College/University Teacher, please continue reading, then contact an immigration lawyer well-versed in work visas today.

What qualifications must an applicant have to obtain a College/University Teacher TN Visa?

In order to qualify for TN status under the occupational category for College/University Teachers, an applicant must possess one of the following items:

  • Bachelor’s (Baccalaureate) degree or equivalent, or
  • Master’s (Licenciatura) degree or equivalent

Additionally, TN nonimmigrants may have to submit proof:

  • Of Mexican or Canadian citizenship, such as a passport
  • Of the job offer, such as the employer’s letter of support, with all job details
  • That a nonimmigrant does not intend to stay in the United States after the TN visa expires

How do you seek admission as a TN nonimmigrant?

Canadian citizens can apply with all required documentation to the officer of the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) at the United States port of entry since the U.S. does not require Canadian citizens to obtain a visa first. It is also possible to apply at a pre-flight inspection or an airport after arriving in the United States.

On the other hand, Mexican citizens should apply at the United States embassy or consulate in Mexico. After authorities approve the TN visa, said Mexican citizens can seek admission at the United States port of entry.

Both Canadian and Mexican citizens can file the online I-129 petition with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

What does a TN nonimmigrant need to satisfy United States immigration officials?

If you are a citizen of Canada and are currently outside the United States or if you are a citizen of Mexico and are requesting a change of status to TN, you must provide evidence that:

  • You will be engaged in educational activities at the postsecondary level, and
  • You have the requisite professional qualifications

If you have any further questions on obtaining TN status for a College/University Teacher position, please do not hesitate to speak with a lawyer skilled in employment immigration as soon as possible.

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